Let My Hands Express Your Vision!

Have you ever wished to realize your very own project in three dimensions? Be it a portrait of your loved one, a personalized gift or a unique artwork for your home or garden, a custom sculpture is a great way to express your vision.

 I am always glad to accept private commissions and give tangible form to my client’s ideas. Creating a custom piece is an inspiring collaborative process where anyone is given a chance to unleash one’s creativity through artist’s skills and sensitivity.


The works I can create for you include but are not limited to:

Portraits & Figures

Portraits and figures of your loved ones, friends, colleagues, favorite characters or people you admire. 


-        Unique personalized sculptures to make unforgettable gifts for your friends and family. 

Corporate Artworks

Exclusive sculptures that reflect the spirit of your company and inspire innovation.


Public Art

Indoor and outdoor sculptures to beautify and invigorate public spaces, honor significant events and personalities. 

Awards & Trophies

Custom awards and trophies designed to meet your specific requirements and reinforce your organization's brand.   

Home & Garden 

Original sculptures designed to reflect your aesthetic vision and bring a touch of uniqueness to your home and garden. 

My practice consists of modelling original sculptures in clay followed by the processes of mold making and casting in more durable materials, i.e., resin or bronze. Depending on the design and composition of a given piece, it is either left freestanding or mounted on a wooden, marble or granite base. The preferred material, size and complexity of a commissioned work will determine its price and execution time. Thanks to the availability of a mold, a sculpture can then be reproduced in several copies within a limited edition. It gives you an option of ordering multiple copies of the commissioned piece (e.g., if you’d like to keep one copy of your child’s portrait to yourself and give another one as a gift to grandparents). Alternatively, if you’d like your sculpture to be a unique piece, you can request the destruction of the mold after casting is completed.

The process of commissioning a sculpture is as follows:


 1.      Contact me and share your ideas. In the first consultation we will determine the subject, scale, preferred material, timeline and budget of the project. The discussion may take place via email, phone or Skype.


2.      Based on the initial conversation I will create a preparatory maquette to establish the design and composition of the future sculpture. The initiation of work on a primary design requires a non-refundable upfront fee which is later deducted from the final payment. The maquette can be adjusted until your final approval.


3.      Once the design is accepted, I will begin modelling the actual sculpture in clay. At this point a further installment is required for the production stage to continue. You will be regularly updated with photos and videos of the work in progress. In case of a portrait commission, we either arrange real-time sittings with the portrayed person in my studio, or you may provide me with reference photos to work from. Some additional information about the individual is appreciated as it will help me better capture the person’s distinct character.


4.      Once the clay modelling stage is completed and approved by you, I will make a mold for further casting. Depending on the chosen material, the work will then be reproduced in resin or bronze. In case of the latter, the casting process is executed in a bronze foundry. You can decide on the color of the resin piece or bronze patina. So is the case with the wooden, marble or granite base on which the sculpture is to be mounted. The goal here is to create an artwork that will fit best into the place of its final installation.


5.      When the sculpture is finished to your liking, the final payment including the shipping cost is due before the delivery. 


CONTACT ME now to start discussing your next sculpture commission.

I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!