Upcoming Workshops

Portrait Sculpture Workshop - Rome Art Residencies

Cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic

 18 - 30 May 2020

Rome, Italy


This course is designed to introduce students of all levels to the traditional technique of sculpting a portrait from life. Portraiture is one of the most exciting art forms and an excellent exercise for those willing to gain basic sculpting skills. Over the ten studio days, six hours per day, students will model a life-size human head in water-based clay on a wooden armature. The instruction is based on direct observation of a living model, as well as a study of basic anatomy. Students will learn to capture the distinct character of a person’s face by focusing on proportions, contour movement, depths and spatial relationships. This approach is grounded in comprehensive concepts, including the use of light and form, aimed at translating complex visual information into a clear structure that is crucial for creating an accurate portrait in three dimensions. In addition to the regular individual critiques, the course involves various lectures, demonstrations and group discussions.

The workshop does not involve mold-making and casting. Clay and wooden armature are included. Some basic sculpting tools will be provided for use, but the participants are encouraged to bring their own. I will make further recommendations on the appropriate tool-kit for working with water-based clay.


There is a limited number of spots available. Sign up and secure your participation at www.romeartresidencies.com.

Past Workshops

Students at all levels of experience are welcome to join the Portrait Sculpture Workshop in Geode Art Space, Catalonia. This course offers a great opportunity to learn the traditional technique of sculpting a portrait from life, with a particular focus on the close observation and deep understanding of human form. Under my guidance students will learn to sculpt a head considering the gesture, block in the general masses, carefully establish the profile and use it to capture likeness of the model. 

Special attention will be paid to the structure and anatomy emanating superficial forms from inside. In addition, I will share my thoughts on composition in portrait sculpture and different ways of finishing the surface. 

For further information please contact Geode Art Space at geodeartspace@gmail.com